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Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

  • To actively care for our clients by providing the most ethical, honest, professional and knowledgeable advice, thereby transforming the expectation and quality of UK financial services.
  • To use our success to make the world a better place by, not only positively transforming the image of financial services, but also by investing our time and resources in supporting the community and working in partnership with charities.
  • To share our success by providing a rewarding culture for staff and continuously growing returns for our shareholders through successful management of client assets. Thereby encouraging staff and shareholder loyalty and happiness.

Looking to the Future:

We will continue to put our clients’ needs above our own to ensure we always deliver the absolute best service; a philosophy which has, up to now, led to unprecedented customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.

As part of our six-year plan, we also wish to establish a hub office in Somerset.  We have recently opened in Barnstaple and Sherborne, and hope to open in Wells or Wedmore towards the end of 2022.  In a time when firms have been closing down market town offices and centralising in regional cities we take the opposite view and have a long term vision for up to 15 offices in the four counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.  Our preference is to have offices where people live rather than work and this also allows us to get involved in helping to raise funds for local community projects. 01872 306422