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Protecting your wealth


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Taking care of your future – investments

We currently provide advice on all forms of investment, other than individual stocks and shares. We have a comprehensive and detailed process for fund selection where we ultimately look for high performing funds that demonstrate low levels of volatility over a consistent timeframe.

In a rapidly changing investment world, we find it essential to ‘think outside of the box’ when it comes to asset allocation, whilst at the same time always ensuring that client risk is controlled.

We undertake all fund research in-house, this allows us complete control over the standard of practice that is followed and ensures that all recommendations are based on the merit of individual funds, rather than convenience or loyalty to a particular fund provider.

Our researchers will work tirelessly to identify assets that are good value, thereby empowering your Adviser to recommend tactical switches where possible.

Call us now on 01872 306422 or email for more information.

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Our Ethical Principles

Never to engage in strategic investment alliances – our duty as Independent Financial Advisers is to have a one to one strategic alliance only with clients

To take responsibility for client asset management, not to delegate this to third parties

To not be afraid to give bold investment advice which we fundamentally believe is in each clients’ best interest

“ I thank all the staff for managing so well for me, at such a turbulent time in the market. ”

A.C - Portsmouth

“ I have never had to doubt that AFWM Ltd works in my best interest, taking time and care to ensure that I understand the reasons for any (fund) changes. ”

S.B – Lelant

“ Logical and informed pursuit of goals. Forward planning of strategies to deal with future possible events. ”

J.D - Hayle 01872 306422